But we have actually one fear that is big

Chris Cuomo claims their preliminary coronavirus problems are very very much like the flu … and he is focused on driving the herpes virus along to their home since they quarantine your own house today.

The CNN anchor just provided Anderson Cooper the lowdown on their analysis … describing he very first believed he had been dealing with flu-like symptoms — temperature, chills, difficulty respiration — until his physician dropped some knowledge on him.

Its fascinating — possibly even ironic — Chris mentioned it feeling flu-like. You know, CNN amongst others has considering President Trump lots of crap, rightfully thus, for initially downplaying coronavirus as just another flu virus, with no reason why is good People in america to be concerned.

Yes, the observable symptoms are similar, nonetheless these continue to be two health that is vastly different … and Chris claims it will make it a deal that is great for the virus to slip abreast of ya. Frightening things.

It is instead scary … Chris states he is scared his spouse and young ones may become infected simply because they’re all live beneath the roof that is exact same.

Chris is really a trooper, as he seems as much as it … so we also gotta say, their work-from-home set-up seems rather sweet so he is still anchoring their CNN tv program from his basements for for as long. Not only a basement that is bad getting stuck set for the couple months.

While Chris continues to be self-confident they can overcome this plain thing, he explains precisely why everyone else needs to experiencing a feeling of urgency now.


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