Growers: We’ll hold edibles in your dining tables despite coronavirus

Farmers and Cov-19

From our heart:

Farmers know adversity well. Handling the unknown is a component through the nature that is very of we do every day. We take exactly what we are dealt and make the best from it whether it’s the weather, fluctuating commodity prices or the difficulties that come with running a small business that is small.

Therefore, new Yorkers needs to maintain positivity that producers may help have most of us through these era that is unstable we confront the pandemic that is COVID-19. Consumer rushed towards the food areas to even refill so they need to perhaps not stress that people shall go out of treats. Us citizens have a community that is successful is agricultural can make products protection a concern. We’ve a food that is abundant within this nation, and growers and their employees are presently on the working task to help keep it like that. Nyc Farm Bureau advised the state to produce agriculture something that is maintaining that is essential readily available for companies while the sources chain mobile.

You can rest assured that farms include using special precautions to help keep consitently the work environments tidy and our very staff that is own secure as is possible to mitigate the spread associated with coronavirus.

Delicacies security try protection that is nationwide. Today’s world is reminding you associated with within a larger means. Maintaining facilities in operation must stays a priority. It there all along the food string once we marked National Agriculture on March 24, let’s all give as a result of the food on our tables and also the gents and ladies who help place day.

Mark Tucker


Onondaga District Farm Bureau

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