Pandemic Scientist Says He May Have Discovered a Cure for Coronavirus

cure for corona?

Dr. Jacob Glanville, among the doctors which can be medical Netflix s series Pandemic, claims his staff might have discovered antibodies which may handle COVID-19.

We are content to mention we have done the technology and in addition we involve some extremely antibodies which can be potent tends to be contrary that works well the trojan, said Dr. Glanville on Monday.

Glanville informed Radio New Zealand that their teams used a series of five antibodies which have been able to neutralize SARS in 2002, and modified them to attack COVID-19.

The virus that is latest try a cousin connected with outdated SARS. So just what we ve done is we ve created hundreds of millions of versions of those antibodies, we ve mutated them a bit, and in that pool of mutated variations, we discovered versions that cross them over, Glanville said monday. So today we know they join in the precise place that is same the brand new trojan, Covid-19.

Glanville talked about their personnel is within interaction due to the U.S. government that is federal carrying out a scholarly research concerning the medications usefelness.

Part associated with cause we think we re moving pretty quickly is that instead of starting from scratch learning an antibody, we went along to these antibodies which are existing are already extremely well characterised against SARS. And we ve adapted all of them. Therefore piggybacking that is we re 24 months of investigation, Glanville reported.

Although Glanville claims that although his short-term vaccine takes impact quickly, the drawback would be that antibodies only provide coverage for eight to 10 weeks, unlike a vaccine that is genuine.

The phase that is next the procedure will be to submit the antibodies into the army for verification evaluation, and Charles River Laboaratories for safety assessment. He states their group keeps along with 2 providers to measure upwards production of the drug as soon as it is eligible, and would begin studies that are human the final end of summertime.

In the event that medication is safe, Glanville pointed out it could commence to getting revealed in Sep.


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