Shenzhen Becomes Very First Chinese Area That Is Metropolitan Ban Usage Of Cats And Dogs

Don't eat Dog meat!

Shenzhen, in southeastern China, has transformed into the earliest city in the nation to exclude the usage  of dogs and cats, the federal government announced Thursday.

Under new instructions which should come right  into effect May 1, the authorities being national it could be unlawful for eating creatures elevated as dogs.

February in  following the coronavirus outbreak, China passed a law to ban the use of wildlife.


Today Shenzhen will prohibit the consumption  of state-protected animals that are wild various  other terrestrial wild animals obtained  through the crazy, in addition to captive-bred and farmed terrestrial species that are crazy.

In addition, the intake  of creatures lifted as animal, such as dogs and cats will also be prohibited.

Animals which will  be consumed include pig, cattle, sheep, donkey, bunny, poultry, duck, goose, pigeon, quail, together with marine pets whom are not obstructed by different rules or rules.

“If convicted, they’ll be subjected to an excellent of 30 times of the animal that is benefits that are crazy in the event that animal is in fact above  the appreciate of 10,000CNY [$1400 USD],” launched bodies.


The coronavirus episode is believed to own going in  a creatures market within  the Chinese city  of Wuhan, and bodies need known they have to push the wildlife that is workable that is lucrative it’s to stop another outbreak.

However closing the trade shall be hard. The cultural origins of Asia’s use  of wild animals operated deeper, not simply for food but in addition  for conventional medicine, garments, ornaments as well as pets. This isn’t the time that is officials that are first made an effort  to retain  the trade. In 2003, civets — mongoose-type creatures — had been forbidden and culled in good sized quantities they probably moved the SARS virus to human beings after it absolutely was uncovered. The marketing of snakes has also been temporarily prohibited in Guangzhou after  the SARS episode.

Today but dishes utilizing the animals are still eaten in areas of China.


CNN’s Ben Westcott and Shawn Deng and reporter Anna Kam led for this document.


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